How to Write a Modern Political Essay


A political essay is a piece of writing that deals with political situations or government issues. You are supposed to research on specific theories, analyze, and give your interpretation. Why are they essential in the academic set up? The lecturer provides you political essay assignments to test your ability to provide a logical argument concerning a specific theoretical framework. When choosing a topic, ensure that it is informative, precise, attention-grabbing, and worthy investigating. Read more below on how to write it.

Planning and Research

You cannot craft a successful political essay before doing thorough research. There are various sources that you can use to get information and data. Some of them include journals and newspaper articles on the internet. Make an outline to help you write the entire essay. Once you are through, go to the next stage.

A Clear Introduction

The introductory paragraph should clearly explain the theoretical problem that you intend to address in your essay. You can opt to provide background information to the reason why you are motivated to research on that topic.

Thesis Statement

The last one/two sentences of your introduction should contain a thesis statement. Here you create your main claim. You should never mistake a thesis statement with a statement of fact nor an obvious observation about a particular text. It should be debatable, and you should be able to defend it.

A Well-Organized Body

You need to develop your thesis statement in the body. The outline will help you write the body in an orderly way. Avoid including ideas that you cannot support. Your argument must be convincing and informative. Remember that in a political essay, you are dealing with regular issues. You need to provide compelling evidence to back up your claims.

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A Strong Conclusion

This is the area where you sum up everything and bring your essay to an end. Summarize the essay without adding any new information. You should revisit your thesis and bring out the main point in your argument and defense. Avoid writing a broad conclusion.

Proofread and edit

You should never submit the essay without proofreading. Mistakes lower the credibility of your essay and bring unnecessary distractions. Apart from reading manually, use the available tools to polish your essay. You should also check plagiarism. Ensure that you put all the relevant information, including references. Check the flow and, if needed, rephrase the sentences.

Style and Mechanism

You should use the first person when writing your essay. Since you are giving an opinion, do not fear to use ‘I.’ Use active voice and avoid using jargon words. In the citation, you can decide to use MLA, APA, and Chicago or even Harvard. Whichever method you choose, you need to be consistent.


When dealing with a political essay, research is important. You are supposed to research a certain theoretical problem, analyze it, and come up with a compelling argument. If the lecturer did not provide you with a topic, you need to look for an interesting one. You can find materials on the internet, journal articles, and even books. You should write a clear introduction and end it with a thesis statement. Craft a well-organized body, and do not forget to back up your claims. Write a good conclusion and edit thoroughly. Use the right mechanism and style.

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