An Election Like No Other

This election has been like no other. Countless agencies are promoting the vote, young people are rallying their peers to make it to the polls, and information is more accessible than ever. But voting alone is not a revolutionary practice, and even an NDP majority, while an impressive milestone, will not truly bring the change we need. There…

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Youth Represent: Don’t Just Vote, Run!

I’m Jacob. I’m young, I vote, and I’m running in the 2015 Canadian federal election. I’m 26 and I am 1 of 6 registered candidates in the Ontario riding of Simcoe North. I am not representing a political party and I have no leader. No, I am not an “Independent”. Officially, I am Non Affiliated,…

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The Eternal Despair of Inevitability: The Millennial’s Dilemma

As a politically and socially active youth, I’m often frustrated by the misconception of my generation as being apathetic, that the reason for low voter turnout amongst my peers is that we don’t care. Ask someone over 50 and they’ll tell you we’re indifferent, lazy, and entitled. Ask someone under 30 and they’ll say we’ve inherited a failing…

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You are the change - Occupy Toronto Encampment 2011

Dear young people: Not Voting? We Care!

I recently came across an editorial written in the Globe and Mail entitled ‘Dear young people: Not voting? No one cares’. It talked about the recent budget and it’s focus on seniors and really anyone and everyone but youth. It went through the issue quite well, talking about the reasons government don’t pay attention or placate…

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The 2015 Election Budget is not for us or our grandchildren

The Federal Budget released yesterday serves different groups, but not all Canadians. The glaring omission of any new spending on the environment or action on climate change, while raiding $2 billion from the contingency fund clearly shows that the Government has one priority; mobilizing their base for the election. This budget has no vision and…

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